Zamara Jimenez is a Mexican American actress born in Anaheim, CA. She was raised in Tijuana, Mexico, until the age of thirteen. Born in a middle-class traditional Mexican household, Jimenez learned at a very young age what hard work and perseverance meant.

While living in Tijuana, Mexico, Jimenez was enrolled in a Catholic Middle School in the United States. For two years, she and her family endured the routine of waking up every day before sunrise every day to cross the U.S.A. border. It was a sacrifice that her parents made in order to provide for a brighter future. Jimenez recalls it being the two hardest years of her life due to a culture and language barrier.

Jimenez and her family then moved to San Diego, CA where she attended Chula Vista High School, the School of the Creative and Performing Arts. It was here where she finally felt she belonged and was socially accepted. She began acting and performed in over 12 theater productions under the direction of Joyce Schumaker and Jack Tygett, who helped her perfect her American accent. She performed in 7 dance competitions and exceeded in her academics, graduating in the top 10% of her class.

After graduating high school, Jimenez attended Southwestern College for three years pursuing Performing Theater Arts. Her love for the craft of acting continued to flourish. Her acclaimed lead performance in Living Out directed by Mark Pentilescu, earned her the respect of her fellow actors, directors, and professors. She portrayed an illegal Salvadorian nanny struggling to bring her family to the U.S.A., in which resulted in losing her youngest son.

Jimenez later gained the reputation of a "life saver" when she accepted the role of Valentina in Confessions of Women from East LA, directed by Goyo Flores and Sandy Cortez ​2 weeks prior opening due to a family emergency from the original actor.

The following production, Jimenez accepted the role of Abuela, a veteran gang member, in Electricidad directed by Mark Pentilescu. She was immediately off book and gave a flawless performance, the audience was unaware that she only had 2 days of rehearsal time. "That was such a pivotal moment for me because I realized that my passion for being onstage overcame my fear and doubt. I grew self-confident. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity and most importantly, Pentilescu's trust in my talent and abilities," Jimenez recalls.

She then transferred to and graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Theater-Acting where she studied under Joe Luis Valenzuela, Tom Orth, Scott Conte and Michael Donovan, to name a few. She developed and perfected her skill of crying on cue and expanded her repertoire on stage and on camera.

After graduation she took some time to explore life more in depth, which has influenced some of her most recent work.

Coming back from her break, Jimenez took direction under Kelly Galindo and Martha Coolidge for stage and camera productions. She booked a regional commercial for Robbins Brothers along with a billboard and a radio commercial for IHOP which got her SAG-Eligibility. 

Jimenez since then has starred, directed, and produced most of her latest work. Her performance in The Glimpse earned her the Best Drama and Best Actress Award in ZEFR's One Minute Film Festival. She is currently in between seasons of YouTube series, Boujetto and is working on other film and TV projects.

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Did You Know?

  • She learned to run in a water bed before learning how to walk
  • Early comedic influences: Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", Maria Elena Velasco "La India Maria", Roberto Gomez Bolaños and the full cast of "Chespirito", Eugenio Derbez and Jim Carey 
  • She loves to paint and crochet
  • Proud mother of a spunky cat and two energetic turtles
  • She once almost burned down her parents home while making a surprise Mother's day dinner
  • Zamara first learned how to shoot, edit, and produce her own YouTube show as co-host in Velvet Ties